3 NPOs awarded GuideStar India Certification and 304+ participants attend capacity building workshops in December

GuideStar India organisations that received their certifications in December 2023.

Congratulations to 6 organisations on successfully completing their GuideStar India certification!

Please browse through their GuideStar India profiles to identify opportunities to collaborate.

Those whose certifications are expiring on or before Dec 31, 2023, you are eligible to apply for renewal so that you get the benefit of a full year without and break in your certification status.

December 2023 Honours List:


SETU SETU Abhiyan: Renewal, Platinum: 1 times; Gold: 2 times



Kenduadihi Bikash Society: Renewal, Gold: 2 times


Training and Educational Centre for Hearing Impaired Charitable Trust: Renewal, Gold: 4 times


For the full list of certified NGOs, please visit: