Annual Report of Antarang Foundation

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your annual reports here, in order to help the community learn from your growth.

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Dear Readers,

We asked ourselves 10 years ago:
How can we enable aspirations in a 15-year-old, a first-generation learner in a government school, encouraging them to explore the multitude of career possibilities the world has to offer?

Since then, we have empowered 185,000 paper planes to take flight into careers of their choice.

With a fold here, a crease there, and a final tuck, our paper plane—symbolising our students’ journeys—has been meticulously crafted. Each fold signifies the ability to aspire, act, and achieve, propelled by the transformative power of access and education.

Within the pages of this report, you’ll find stories of our alumni, the narrative of our journey, and a community of enablers in actualising our vision for each young adult to be passionately, positively, and productively involved in careers of their choice.

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