Annual report of SNEHA

We are delighted to share SNEHA’s Annual Report for the financial year 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023.

It captures some key highlights of our work, to give you a glimpse of the improvements we have made in the health, nutrition and safety of women and children. You may also view the impact numbers in this video.

We’ve shared below the story of Reshma. With your support we have thousands of stories of change and have captured just a handful in this annual report.

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Reshma, from Mankhurd, faced financial and physical abuse from her husband due to suspicions about her relationship with her cousin. Feeling depressed and powerless, she contemplated leaving her husband, even though she lacked family support. The domestic situation also disturbed her children.*

With SNEHA’s intervention, she received medical treatment, reported the abuse to the police and gained legal advice. Reshma’s daughters, facing mental health challenges, also received support and guidance from a SNEHA therapist.

Reshma’s husband stopped the violence against her and started caring for his wife and children. Reshma, now plays a crucial role in resolving domestic abuse cases as a member of the Community Action Group, thus helping other women in the neighbourhood who were facing similar issues as her.

Thank you for the trust you have reposed in us and your continued support, as you partner with us in this journey of change. We hope you enjoy reading this, as much as we have enjoyed making the change.

I take this opportunity to wish you the very best for 2024.

Warm Regards,
Vanessa D’Souza

We would also take this opportunity to invite you to share your annual reports here, in order to help the community learn from your growth.

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