🌟 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Last date to apply - 29th September 2023

REACH India Collective is committed to reaching communities in #remotegeographies through various initiatives, and we are excited to invite eligible organizations to participate in SAHBHAGITA - Daan Utsav Campaign.

Celebrated every year from October 2 to 8, daanutsav is India’s biggest festival of giving during which people come together and perform acts of kindness by giving their time, material or money in interesting ways to any cause(s) of their choice.

We believe that anybody and everybody can give, including children and rural communities, who are most often seen as ‘beneficiaries’. Taking this thought forward, we are inviting organizations in Orissa, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand to help mobilize such communities to undertake acts of giving.

:bulb: WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE :bulb:
The campaign will require parents and communities members to participate in activities focused on strengthening the local school - showcasing their dedication to giving back to society and importance of education:

:dart: Selected organisations must mobilise parents and community members during the Daan Utsav week i.e between 2nd - 8th October to conduct activities towards strengthening the local school ecosystem of the community they serve in. For eg: getting together parents/youth for roof construction, school building redevelopment, community gardens, road repair etc

:dart: Once organizations conduct the activity(s) and complete the reporting formalities, they will receive school kits for children, which should be distributed to students of the local schools.

If you are willing to participate, can engage those around you to make a difference and want to know more, kindly fill out the application form here - LinkedIn