Event for people in Bilaspur to visit distinguished archery coach Itwari Raj


Join us on a shared day trip on the occasion of JOY OF GIVING week / DAAN UTSAV which is celebrated from 2nd Oct - 08th Oct to support Shri Itwari Raj Ji, an archery coach who has dedicated

  • 2 decades of training village children in archery
  • Won 50 national medals and 250 overall

He faces challenges in advancing their training.

With your support we aim to provide him with

  • Financial
  • Infrastructure
  • PR (connecting him to a supportive resource)
  • & dietary support for students

The itinerary includes

  • Meeting Shri Itwari Raj
  • Visiting the infrastructure site
  • Observing students’ skills
  • Enjoying a village lunch

This not-for-profit trip requires resource contributions, estimated at around Rs. 1000 per person

DATE- 07th October (Saturday)
VENUE - Shivtarai, Bilaspur

Please register yourselves here -

We welcome 30 responsible individuals to join us in this noble cause.