FCRA Renewal application rejected without providing reasonable opportunity

  1. Our society is registered under FCRA Act since 12/07/2002.

  2. Online Application for renewal under section 16 of the FCRA Act, 2010 on 21/07/2021 vide application number No:II/21022/72(0124)/2021-FCRA-II and File Number 7201242021 but was pending till date since certificate was not appearing on portal.

  3. As per Public Notice no II/21022/23(22)2020-FCRAIII dated 25/09/2023 posted on our mail says that whose renewal application is pending will stand extended till 31.03.2024 or till the date of date of disposal of renewal application , whichever is earlier.

  4. On Thu, 19 Oct, 2023, 6:49 pm we received mail as under:-
    “ Your application 0300045192021 has been refused due to following reasons:
    The Competent Authority has refused the renewal application under Section 16(1) read with Section 12(4)(e) read with Section 12(4)(f)(iii) of FCRA, 2010.

  5. The renewal application submitted on 21/07/2021 was refused under Section 16(1) read with Section 12(4)(e) read with Section 12(4)(f)(iii) of FCRA, 2010.”

in our view, section 16(1) do not apply. Sections 12(4) ( e ) and 12 (4) ( f) ( iii ) are also not applicable since , at no point of time, no query /objection was ever raised by any authority.

Further , As per Section 16(3) of FCRA Act, “
“The Central Government shall renew the certificate, ordinarily within ninety days from the date of receipt of application for renewal of certificate subject to such terms and conditions as it may deem fit and grant a certificate of renewal for a period of five years .

  1. A Message AFTER LOGIN on 04/10/2023 was appearing as under: -
    ´Your association FCRA certificate of registration is getting expired on 19/10/2023 and you can start submitting of renewal application after 19/10/2022.”.

  2. We tried at our level to make renewal application but the system was not allowing us to process further after login.

  3. On 04/10/2023, we sent mail that the system was not allowing us to submit renewal application vide ticket number 2023100412520754152.
    We are running educational activity and foreign contribution was being utilized for payment of salary and utility payments. Funds are lying in FC designated and utilization bank account.

We had sent mail to support but no positive reponse.
Please guide us so that the activities can be continued .

Sanjay Bansal