HR workshop on Social Sector Hiring - 28th May 2024, Mumbai

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GuideStar India is pleased to share this invitation to a workshop of select HR leaders planned on 28 May in Mumbai. The agenda of the workshop is to discuss some of the challenges of hiring in the social sector with focus on ImpactHire- a collaborative hiring platform for the social sector. Following is the tentative agenda:

  1. Challenges of Hiring in the Social Sector- Roundtable Experience sharing and mitigation.
  2. Update about ImpactHire Project and Wireframe Demo.
  3. Leveraging Crossover candidates-HR perspective
  4. Best practices of Hiring - Guide for small nonprofits.
  5. Possibilities from the Platform
  6. Working Groups Recommendations for Pilot.

Participation in HR workshop:

Select invited HR leaders, sector leaders , Donor organizations will be invited for this workshop. In case you are interested in participating in this workshop, please fill this form. It is important that you have attended an orientation session on ImpactHire before the workshop. Please indicate the choice of time for the orientation session in the form.

About ImpactHire

ImpactHire- ImpactHire is a Hiring platform which leverages the collaboration of the Non-Profits in the hiring process. Every participant Non-Profit releases surplus shortlisted recommended candidates to the platform thereby reducing the cost and time for hiring for the participant Non-Profits and better opportunities for the candidates .

This platform is being designed and built in collaboration with Ashoka and 20 other NGOs.

You can read more about the project here

To attend the workshop on 28th May, click here.


Dr Shantam Sharma