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Please introduce yourself to the group. Would be great if you could had your picture.

Hi! I am Gopika. I work in the GuideStar India office in Mumbai. I take care of accounts. I enjoyed teaching. :wave: If you have any queries about your contribution and receipt, you can reach me.


Hi! I am really looking forward reading everyone’s intro!

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Dear Friends

My Name is Waseem Iqbal working as executive Director at AAs. Let me introduce our journey with all of you.

Despite all the various kinds of evils surrounding our society from all four sides, what makes this world a beautiful place? According to us, it’s ‘hope’. It’s ‘hope’ that whispers in our ears during testing times that good days are ahead.

‘AAs’ means hope, was established to create a child-friendly world for every child. A child-friendly world where children have access to each and every resource to ensure their survival, development, protection and participation.

The seven founder members of the organization met in the year 2003. They entered the same college from different walks of life, having different struggles in their childhood and adolescents’ age to pursue M.A. in Social work.

During their educational journey, they were put in the same group for an internship and were asked to organize different activities in urban and rural communities. They came across lots of children from underserved communities and realized they shares the similar experiences of various difficulties and lack of guidance. They organized different activities like skit plays, awareness campaigns on education, sanitation and drug addiction. All these activities were appreciated and they realized the power of co-creation. The first idea of creating an organization came in the year 2004 and in 2005 this idea converted into reality in a form of AAs.

AAs is on the mission of creating Child Friendly World and we believe that Child development and protection could not be achieved by only working with children but this should be a comprehensive approach to include each and every stakeholder to address different cross-cutting issues affecting child development. AAs has adopted its 5Ps model.

The 5Ps model of AAs contains, Protection of every child from any kind of abuse, Prevention by engaging all the direct and indirect stakeholders by sensitizing and capacity building programmes for creating child-friendly atmospheres, People’s Participation to ensure the participation of every stakeholder i.e., children, parents, child care institutions, Police and other line departments to ensure their participation for creating child-friendly spaces, Partnership in terms of knowledge and resource partner with the likeminded organization and Propagate the child rights issues at different forums to influence decision-makers to develop child-friendly policies and laws in the country.

AAs always explore partnerships and projects interventions in a way by which we can achieve all of our 5Ps for creating a child-friendly world. We have not limited ourselves only to financial partnerships with our supporters, but always open our doors for knowledge and resource partnerships.

This year in 2023, AAs is completing its 18 years of journey in which we have touched more than 300000 children by imparting training on child abuse, directly working with more than 10000 families for family based alternative care, supported more than 10000 children in need of care and protection, rescued more than 2000 children from beggary and child labor, trained more than 5000 officials from police department, women and child development department and representatives of child care institutions. More than 2000 drivers’ community for ensuring child friendly transport.


Absolutely lovely to read how your organisation originated. Could you also mention your name and what role you play in your organisation. It would be helpful to everyone no the community.
Thank you

Thanks. I have edited the post and mentioned my name and role.


Hello Everyone,

This is Vinay from ‘Quality Education Support Trust’ (QuEST) an NGO working in the Education space and our goal is to improve the quality of education through professional development of Teachers & Teacher Educators and Parent awareness. I have been associated with QuEST since 2015 and currently looks after the Compliance, Grant Management & HR of the organization.

Looking forward interact with the experts in the domain, share and learn from each other.


My name is Amar and its been over a decade I am working with Samavedana.
Samavedana work towards bridging the gap between essential and necessary healthcare and the underprivileged. We use three pillars of healthcare to do so, namely : treatment, prevention and awareness.
We operate from Pune, Maharashtra.
Our projects are dynamic and are evolved time to time based on current and contextual need and are offered irrespective of cast and creed.
We provide financial aid to patients for tertiary or specialty care treatment, for the treatments that incur lacs of rupees in expenses. We support patient famlies with treatments and procedures that (aid or support) are not offered by any other Govt or Non Gvt schemes.
We also work in community health by working with school aged children. We have cancer screening and care initiative that serves women at risk of having cancer.
So far, since inception in 2003, we have served lives of more than 1500 patients and their families; and also have worked with more than 50,000 community members for improving their health orientation and health status.
Looking forward to learning, sharing and interacting.


Thank you for sharing about Samavedana with us Amar. Welcome to the forum and we hope this platform can help you and your organisation

Hi, I am Mini Bhargava from ETASHA Society. I am the Chief of Collaborations & MIS and have been with ETASHA for last 17 years. My main responsibilities are managing the data flow, M&E and reporting system. Along with this I also manage the volunteering, corporate connect and collaborations with other organisations for funding, platform management, accreditation & compliance.
ETASHA Society has been operational since 2006, working with Beneficiaries from the underserved communities. We work with Adolescents on Scholastic Improvement, Life skills training, Computer training and Career Guidance. We also have a helpline ‘Keh Dalo’.
We train youth with Employability skills and place them in the service sector. We work with Adult women to help them become Entrepreneurs.
To know more do visit our website


Welcome Mini and thank you for introducing yourself and ETASHA Society to everyone on the forum.


I am Sri Joydip, the Managing Trustee of the Sri Joydip Ashram Gyan Yoga Training and Research Centre. We are more than just an organization; we are a catalyst for change, a beacon of hope, and a driving force behind the quest for better health and well-being for all.

Our mission revolves around Gyan Yoga for Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3), which is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of every individual. As a tax-exempted organization and a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to making a lasting impact on the world. We are also honored to be recognized as an institutional publisher.

To gain a deeper understanding of our work and the positive change we are striving to bring about, I invite you to explore our microsite on the United Nations portal.

Please take a moment to visit our webpage as well at

Our journey is a testament to the power of collective action and shared purpose. Join us in our mission to promote health, well-being, and a better world for all. Together, we can make a difference.