Learn more about Philanthropy in India

GuideStar India is pleased to share the India Philanthropy Report 2024, a collaborative effort of Bain & Company and Dasra
The report underscores the importance of building trust and transparency.

HNIs and affluent individuals show a higher propensity to give compared to UHNIs, with potential for their contributions to increase significantly by addressing barriers such as lack of awareness and transparency. These first-generation philanthropists prefer grant-making over establishing family foundations, highlighting the need for streamlined philanthropic avenues and transparent giving processes to encourage their participation further.

Key considerations for formal donations to NGOs by retail donors include ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective impact measurement, which can be addressed through measures such as implementing robust reporting standards, enhancing donor education, and promoting greater collaboration between NGOs and donors.

GuideStar India’s certification process aids in improving your organisation’s transparency and accountability.

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