Post workshop action steps for FCRA Digital Guide and GuideStar India Capacity Building & Certification

Hello Everyone

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to our Double Booster for Transparency & Compliance workshop! It was a full house! If you are one of those who could not attend or dropped off and could not re-join, please accept our apologies. This mail will ensure you get the gist of all that was served! J

We appreciate your commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Next steps to get the free Digital FCRA Guide, the super Diwali Gift:


Please find given below the link to Mr. J.K. Chattopadhyay’s Guide to FCRA 2010

You can save the guide on your mobile phones or desktop by installing the app/webapp from here: Install the App on Mobile Devices | FCRA, 2010 Made Easy
The link above also mentions how to use the guide and search for the related content.

To get your queries addressed by Mr. Chattopadhyay, you can post it on the GuideStar India Changemakers’ forum here:

Mr. Chattopadhyay has already started answering questions and it is a great way to get your doubts clarified.

If you need guidance on something very specific, you may write to him at:

As we discussed during the workshop, GuideStar India is committed to supporting organizations like yours in their mission to create a positive impact. We believe that GuideStar India’s upgraded certification can be a powerful tool to enhance your organization’s visibility, credibility, and effectiveness.

Next steps to apply for GuideStar India’s upgraded Capacity Building + Certification:


The upgraded Capacity Building+ Certification programme covers the entire spectrum of your organisation from inspiration and inputs to impact, based on an assessment rubric of 7 pillars and 500+ parameters. The process will empower your team through 10+ hours of virtual, interactive training.

Please fill this form to express your interest to participate in joining the programme and the next orientation workshop in the last week of November:

You can kickstart your certification journey by participating in subsequent capacity-building workshops and completing additional forms. This will be a journey of learning and reflection with your internal teams, management and governing body members! GuideStar India certified NGOs showed remarkable resilience in the pandemic. In past 5 years, 88% of GuideStar Certified NGOs registered growth vis-à-vis only 57% on non-GuideStar India certified NGOs.

Please note that your organisation should have its audited financials for FY 2022-23 ready before you embark on this upgrade. You can choose to start now, even if your certification is currently valid because most donors require due diligence based on FY 2022-23.

If you wish to have the presentation made at the workshop, reply to this email.

Best wishes for a very happy Deepavali!


Pushpa Aman Singh

Founder, GuideStar India

Wanted to know if the current submission of the form for the certification details, if mentions the requirement of Donor declaration or does not, Asking this, since the form visibly does not show any requirement unlike earlier years…