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Can we deposit the money received by sale of assets of FCRA funds, in FCRA utilisation bank account, as bank does not allow to do so, and do we need to notify the funder for the sale assets to the funder even if the project is over or it is ongoing, we do notify in FC 4

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Please see the Answers to Q. nos. 162, 163, 172, 173, 190, 194 and 202 in the Online FCRA, 2010 Made Easy. There is no need to intimate the funder/donor about the sale of any FC asset unless there is such a provision in the agreement with the foreign donor.

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Thank you very much Sir.

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Please can we have the link.

Margaret do you want the link to the FCRA guide?

My query is reg: FCRA Annual Return. I am trying to enter the utilization details of a project for which we have spent some amount in the last FY 2022 - 23 from our Corpus whereas the amount committed by the foreign donor has come to our account in this FY 2023 - 24. While recording this transaction in the Annual Return of 2022 - 23, the data is not accepted by the system which says “Invalid! Balance in Cash” because it is showing the negative closing balance. Please guide me as to how to report this transaction in the Annual Return of 2022 - 23. Thanks.

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This forum is for raising general queries on FCRA. Specific queries/problems relating to any organisation will not be answered here.

Since the query is specific to your problem, you may contact me through email ( with details. What you have mentioned here is sketchy.

Use this link to visit the webapp and download using the appropriate link there depending on whether you have an android or iOS device.

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